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Canon 7D PL mount

Canon 7D PL mounted by FGV

To use all PL mounted lenses, FGV redesigned the original plastic housing for the mirror and the sensor mount, and fabricated the mount assembly out of a single metal block. The SLR mirror, autofocus unit, groundglass and the prism viewfinder had to be removed. So, for focus and viewing, you need to use the Live-View mode, which has a decent magnification for critical settings. The FGV-PL7D is designed to be truly rock-solid even with big and heavy zoom lenses known from film sets: the new FGV sensor carrier module weighs more than 300g alone. The new sensor carrier for the original 7D CMOS sensor is a rugged and very precise imaging unit. For external Start/Stop with a Lens Control System or a simple remote switch there is a 3-pin Fischer connector. The rest of the camera stays the same.

The 7D shoots frame rates of 23.98 / 25 / 29.97 fps @1920×1080 as well as 50 / 59.98 fps@1280×720 or 640×480.

The sensor format is good for 1:1.78. The actual sensor size is 22.3 x 12.53mm, which is comparable to motion picture Super 35 – 3 Perforation ANSI 1.78 format (23.11 x 12.98mm). So, the 7D active senor size is very close to the standard 3 Perf film format.