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Carl Zeiss Jena prime set

PL Mount.

20mm f4 , 25mm f4 , 35mm f2.8 , 50mm f2.8 (tessar) , 50mm f2 (pancolor) , 80mm f2.8 , 120mm f2.8 , 135mm f2.8 , 180mm f2.8

Carl Zeiss Jena is the Eastern branch of the legendary Carl Zeiss Company and appeared under this name after World War II. At that particular time Carl Zeiss, which had been founded in Jena in 1846 as an optics workshop, was divided between the two German states. One part of the company continued production in Jena, the German Democratic Republic, while the other relocated in Oberkochen, West Germany.

Carl Zeiss Jena built lenses in the M42 and Exakta mounts. Later they also used the Prakticar bayonet system. The company not only produced camera lenses, but also binoculars, industrial optics and optical equipment for the military.

When sold in Eastern European countries, the lenses were named "Carl Zeiss Jena". But when sold in the Western countries, they were branded simply “aus Jena” or just "Jena", as Carl Zeiss West Germany had the right to use the original name.