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Enna Munchen Tele-Ennalyt 240mm f4.5

Enna or Enna Werk was a small German optics manufacturer, based in München, active from 1920 to 1992. The founder was Alfred Neumann, his reversed, spoken initials ("Enn-A") became the name of the company. Enna made lenses for a number of German camera manufacturers and retailers, most notably Alpa, Balda and Porst. The company still exists, but has stopped producing camera lenses. They are now based in Wegscheid, where they manufacture plastic injection moulding equipment.

Dr. Siegfried Schäfer was the primary design engineer at Enna Werk and responsible for many of the Enna lens designs. Some of his designs are based on drafts by Ludwig Bertele, designer of the Ernostar and the famous Sonnar.

In the 1950ies and 60ies Enna was quite innovative. In 1953 they were the first one in West Germany who produced a wide-angle lens with retrofocus design for 35 mm SLR cameras, the 4.5/35 Lithagon. It was followed by the world's fastest 35 mm wide-angle, the 1.9/35 Super-Lithagon, in 1958. In 1961 the first in Germany designed telephoto zoom-lens was introduced, the 4/85-250, a very impressive lens.