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Enna Werk Munchen Ultra-Lithagon 28mm f3.5 M42

This is the story of the Enna Werk Ultra-Lithagon 28mm F/3.5, and the dawn of the age of wide-angle SLR lenses. these days, a 28mm prime lens may seem yawningly ordinary, but prior to 1953 no such lenses existed. The Ultra-Lithagon has the distinction of being the second 28mm lens ever made (the first being the famed R11 created by Pierre Angenieux in Paris in 1953). Barely two years after Angenieux’s ground-breaking achievement, Johann Lautenbacher working at Enna-Werks in Munich, Germany released his version of the 28mm retro-focus lens. Separate from this fascinating history, the Ultra-Lithagon also happens to be a lovely lens capable of superb results. If, like me, you love manual lenses from mid-century Germany, then this classic lens is not to be missed. Cheyenne Morrison