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Hermes trans video receiver & modulus 3000 transmitter

Receiver turns on but don’t get pilot light from transmitter.

Modulus 3000 system is intended to transmit the video signals resulting from video split sources, each one supplied with a Modulus 3000 transmitter, to Hermes receivers connected to video monitors for the director, the sound department, the producer, in short for every person having to control the various pictures (multi camera, video tape recorders, etc). Each transmitter radiates 750 milliwatts in UHF and is powered by an external wide range supply (from 9 to 36 volts). 56 frequencies, from 700 to 973 MHz, are easily selectable, thus avoiding interferences between Modulus themselves and with radio mikes. The portable Hermes video receivers make it possible to toggle the four A, B, C, or D sources whose frequencies are easily tuned, to the video monitor. The receivers are powered by an external 8 to 28 V supply or by 8 internal AA batteries and they provide a 1 V composite video signal.