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Ronford baker Tall Legs



Medium duty tall legs.

150mm bowl mount.

Spreader / rope spreader.

With legs spread at 1’6” (45.7cm): closed 3ft’ (91.4cm), fully extended 5’6” (167.6cm).

14lb (6.5kg).

An infinitely adjustable spreader, integral tripod, with a strong elastic clip-down device, which is secured in seconds. Made from high tensile anodised aluminium with large diameter locking hand-wheels to adjust length of spread; steel parts hardened and heavily chromium plated.
Dimensions (centre to foot) minimum 1’5” (43cm), maximum 2’1” (64cm).
Weight 4lb 7oz (2kg).

Initially set up as a maintenance facility for cameras and associated equipment, Ronford-Baker soon became known as a place to get ‘specials’ engineered for feature films.  These films included “The Clockwork Orange” and “James Bond”.

One such special request was for an adjustable tripod for the production of “Ryan’s Daughter”. 
It needed to survive daily use submerged in the sea.

Our heavy duty tripod was born!

This internationally Patented, and Academy Award winning, telescopic 4 tube design developed into a full range now used in all aspects of the film and television industry throughout the World.